Even though it seems as if I just returned from our last trip to Asia for the Hong Kong jewelry show in June, I am already preparing for the upcoming September show. The jewelry show in September is the largest in the world, and after a successful June show, I am very excited to return. With two booths in the Antique Jewelry section, I am expecting to bring a very large collection of rare and remarkable jewelry. The show runs from September 21-25 at the Hong Kong Convention Center in Wan Chai, and I will be in hall 3G, with booths 3G125-127.

This magnificent and rare Victorian diamond riviera was purchased by a Taiwanese collector. Pieces like this will only increase in value, as they become more and more rare.

It is interesting to notice the shift in interest and buying over the last year, especially with the Asian demographic. My Asian clientele are becoming more and more fascinated with true antique jewelry. In June I sold a very impressive 35 carat Victorian necklace to a Taiwanese collector. It is very exciting to see their tastes move beyond big diamonds and flashy designs to a higher appreciation of the subtleties of each period, and the attention to detail found in antique jewelry. I have always believed that with exquisite antique jewelry pieces, the closer you look at the piece, the more beautiful and magnificent it becomes.
I look forward to seeing my friends and clients that I have met in Asia, and even more so, I look forward to building new relationships with the wonderful individuals that share my passion for antique jewelry. I hope to see you there!

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